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“We provide transparency not only to improve your food quality but also to raise your quality of living”

Our Vision

To become the most trusted food platform by both farmers and consumers and above all, lead the way to a healthy world with healthier people by connecting them to authentic food.

About Vibrathon
About Vibrathon
About Vibrathon

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the food which our people consume is safest by redefining the quality profile of the products and make people aware of what they eat by providing the right information about the product. 

Our Values


If you know where it came from, then we have succeeded.


We strive to work with nature because nature is our standard.


We focus on building trust, everything else can wait.


We hold hands to protect the well being of all the human beings inside our company and outside.


With our commitment, we inspire the world to vibe high.


We believe we are the artist of our lives and we serve you to be the greatest.

We Are Here For You

Dream Team

Arjun T Kaladharan
Sooraj Narayan
Vishnu Das
Sarath Ayinikkal

What We Do?


We follow a proactive approach towards the health and well-being of the people by:

  • Make people aware of the food they consume by educating them with genuine information from farm to table.
  • Set quality standards for sustainable food production and healthy consumption.
  • Provide effective services for the new generation and private investors to contribute to farming.

Through these approaches, we passionately and consistently work towards achieving zero adulteration technically in priority and then move towards zero malnutrition and then to zero hunger.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We promise to all mother that every meal you feed to your baby will be safe to consume.

We promise that the information we communicate will be relevant and genuine.

We promise to all farmers that we will consciously work for the well being of farmers and farming.

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