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The Complete Food Transparency Platform

Farm to Table Quality Traceability

From seeding to harvesting, from procurement to packaging, and from stocking to billing, We trace the journey of the food product. Quality at every stage of the production process is recorded by our platform in real-time, with minimum human intervention. We provide ERP based traceability software for collecting the data about the product from all stage of production process. We enabled sensors through out the supply chain to collect the critical data which determine the quality of the product.  Our Blockchain platform authenticate and validate all transactions in the supply chain and record the data in tamper proof way. 

We have a hand full of services for food manufacturers to digitize their product and ensure the quality of their product through out the supply chain. We offer our platform to build trust and brand loyalty with your end customer.

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ERP Based Traceability Solution

  • We provide traceability solutions for your product from farm to retail and ensure the quality of the product throughout the supply chain.
  • With our traceability solution, any emerging brands can increase their consumer trust and brand loyalty.
  • You can sell the product in a premium category all over the world with confidence over quality.
Scanning QR code placed on a product
Improve brand trust with our blockchain platform
Accounting solution customized for food processors
Effective solution for Customer relationship management
Manage your distribution, retail and eCommerce

Cost efficiency

Get suggestions to reduce the cost of your production

Quality Assurance

We assure quality of the product from farm to retail

Effective network connection

Platform to connect with quality assured suppliers


Empowering sustainable agri- food ecosystem with Ai

We have quality metrics tool to analyse the quality of the product from farm to retail.

We have cost efficiency metrics to reduce the cost of production through out the supplychain.

We provide efficient platform for accessing the quality assured raw materials.


Choose the plan that’s right for you


Single Product, Billed Monthly

Customer rating and feedback
Customized QR code for product
Portfolio creation and maintenance
List your product on eCommerce platform


Single Product, Billed Annually

Customer rating and review
Access to quality raw material.
Ensure the quality of the product
ERP solution for process monitoring
Push your product in premium category
List your product on eCommerce platform
Hologram QR code for product authenticity
Services for farming

We serve the farmers and agribusiness by providing them with technological support for managing cultivation and marketing their harvest.

We provide traceability solutions to highlight farmer’s USP for better pricing and marketing. We ensure the quality of the product throughout the life cycle of the product.

farming services

Organic Farming

We support organic farmers to manage their farm with our platform and communicate their product’s unique selling point with the end consumer. We also provide market connects for your organic produce.

Contract Farming

Make a transparent communicator between an investor and a farm contractor. We provide monitoring systems and dashboards for investors and farmers to interact and manage their resources effectively. We give reports and suggestions on-farm planning Harvesting and marketing their product.

FPO(Farmers Producers Organisation)

We provide ERP solutions for FPOs for effective management of their organisation. And also ensure the quality and traceability of the products from FPOs and provide market connects.

Research & Development

We are associated with Kerala Agricultural University and are researching in farming in many verticals to give more yield for farmers and increase farmer’s income. We also provide research assistance for farmers to process their produce and increase shelf life.

Agribusiness Consulting

We provide consulting service for investors who are interested in contract farming and individuals who are interested in agribusiness, We provide suggestions for agriprenuers based on a database for farming and marketing of farm-based products.