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Technology used

Building transparency and trust with technology

Transparency marketing in food products doesn’t just mean a new method of marketing, more than that, it focuses on the safety of food that we consume daily. We must ensure transparency in the marketing of food products because tracking information about the product in every stage of its life cycle, like raw materials, food processing, packing, distributing and it’s quality in each stage is a big challenge. Hence we adopted the best technologies available today like Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and FTIR integration, So as to create a tamper-proof tracking system of the product life cycle.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Traceability

We use blockchain technology for secure handling and storing of the data that we collect from each stage of the product life cycle. Data stored in the blockchain cannot be changed (tamper-proof storage), a copy of this data is uploaded to all the servers in the blockchain network (or blocks) and anyone can access it from anywhere. 

For instance, if you are a consumer or a manufacturer and you want to trace back one of your food product, let’s say a packet of potato chips, if it’s manually done it would take few days for you to trace where the raw materials (potato, spices, additives etc)  for the chips are produced, who distributes it and from where its distributed, where it is processed and treated, and finally from where it’s manufactured and packed. Using the blockchain traceability it’s just a matter of seconds to know all these details by scanning the QR code that we place on your product.

IoT sensor

IoT Sensors For Collecting Data

We use IoT sensors (Internet of Things) for collecting the data. These sensors can transfer the data collected to a network, without any human intervention and with utmost precision. We analyze this data for quality assurance metrics. Insights from this data can help us enhance our services in farming, harvesting and the quantity of the natural fertilizer used in farming etc.

Quality testing inthe lab

FTIR Spectroscopy Analysis

We integrate Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)  sensors to define the quality of the product at each stage of the product. To define the quality of the product at the quantum level we look deep into its molecular vibration structures to define whether the product is health-friendly. We analyse whether there is any harmful content like pesticide or other threats to human health in the product and check for the medicinal value of the product. We check every batch of the product with FTIR Spectroscopy analysis for quality grading and analysing the medicinal value of the food we consume.

For instance, We use turmeric powder to consume curcumin content. And not just to get a yellow colour for food. Checking and analysing the quantity of curcumin present in the turmeric powder is crucial to know. There is no use of consuming turmeric powder with low curcumin.

Our innovation is to test the medicinal value of the food we consume and set grades for the product.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We use Ai to interpret the data collected and stored in our database to make useful predictions that can help you..

QR code scanning using mobile

All information in your Phone

Scan the QR code on the product and know whether you can consume the product or not.

All the relevant and genuine information about the product will be available to you through your smartphone.